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Sterling Digital

What we do

The bespoke websites we create are for small to medium sized purpose-driven organizations who believe in making a difference in the world. We focus on organizations who want their digital experience to clearly outline why their work matters. We promise that engaging with websites we make will help tell your story and connect with those you seek to help.

Has this happened to you?

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Your website has not been updated in ages

Eeek! Let's fix that asap to avoid outdated plugins and security threats. We'll also deliver beautiful designs with thoughtful layouts that will wow your guests.

People don't understand what you do

We'll work with you to make sure your message is clear as day and the right people are visiting. We'll also clean up the navigation and content so it is easy to understand.

Our site doesn't work on mobile phones

This is a priority as most visitors will be using a mobile phone or tablet to reach you. All our sites are mobile friendly.

Your work matters in the world and we want to help spread your word. ​

Your website is the online doorway to your growing business. We care about you and want to help your business grow. We have decades of guest experience and want to share our knowledge with you. With the right tools we will understand your customers wants and needs then tailor your services to best serve them.

What you get with a Sterling website

Customized Web Development​

We build scalable solutions that can adapt to your needs quickly and easily using WordPress. 

Guest Experience is a Priority

We’ll provide innovative solutions to engage with your guests and help your bottom line.

No Fluff Policy

Time is precious and we don’t believe in wasting it. We’ll never offer you a solution we don’t think will help your bottom line or add value to your guest’s experience.

Website Care Plan

All packages include a care plan to keep  your website up to date, secure and backed-up.

Boutique Agency

We are a fiercely passionate small team who can roll with the punches and provide exceptional experiences. 


We have a curated library of video user manuals so you can navigate and update your site with confidence.


Hi, I'm Michéle

I’m a digital consultant in Alberta, Canada. My approach is simple, I pour my heart into every project. Our small and mighty team are your biggest fans and want to partner with you to help your business soar. 

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Let's Get Started

What Makes Us different

We put our heart and soul into making your business successful.

Working closely with you

We’ll keep you in the loop and make sure you’re never left wondering what’s next.

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Peace of mind

Know that your online business is in great hands, and we’ll treat it like our own with love and care.

Ready to make it clear why your work matters?