Together, Let's Make a Difference


Since I can remember I have been passionate about leaving a positive footprint in the world. 

I was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada when I was 8 years old. 

My first paying gig was at the front desk of a 4 star 5 diamond hotel. I first handedly saw what exceptional guest experience looks like, and I haven’t turned back since. 

portrait of a woman smiling with folded arms

I left South Africa and landed in London, UK where I spent the next 3 years working and travelling until returning back to Canada to finish my degree in Psychology. 

Psychology was a great start, but my heart wasn’t as passionate as I expected to it to be. 

Woman standing in front of a pond dressed in blue and red graduation regalia
Woman with credentials standing in front of the 2010 Olympic Cauldron

Through a serendipitous encounter, I became part of the organizing committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic winter games. I was part of the Venue Management team for the Stadium. Wow, I know! This was a life changing role and experience that still makes me smile.  

Here, I saw the true meaning of making a difference. Each guest was moved by the experience they had while interacting with The Games in one way or another. 

After The Games, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, and worked in Venue & Event management covering about 1,300 events over 7 years. 

What made me fall in love with the event world is seeing how a single event transforms a person for a brief moment in time. Someone enters the event and leaves all their worries at the door for a few hours. 

After a few years I started to feel the pull away from my family and amazing son and took a break from the event life. 

Woman sitting on a bench surrounded by snow

Although event life had its perks I missed the deliberate interaction with business owners. I found my perfect next step. 

I help small businesses excel their online presence with exceptional websites and ancillary features. 

I absolutely love what I do and pour my heart into each project. I can’t wait to meet you! 

Ready to make it clear
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